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(p) The Blackhawk Woodcarver
         Volume XXII, Issue 6,  June 2015

Presidents Corner


Have you ever wondered why people are able to whisper. It's so we can try to communicate with another person in a meeting, when most folks are trying to hear what's going on up front.

But, the problem is, it just doesn't work for the good of the group. Whispering is disturbing. No matter what, when we whisper during a meeting it makes it difficult for others to hear what's going on up front.

The Blackhawk Club meetings are about as good as any I've been a part of. We usually get some things done in a reasonable amount of time. At our meetings we can continue carving, burning or whatever we want to do. That is, as long as those who want to, can hear what's going on up front.

Gary Curl

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.      Gary Curl

June Birthdays
(that we know about)

2  Dave Meyer
10 Gary Johnson

CLUB OFFICERS       (815 area code)
President - Gary Curl 
Vice Pres. - Frank Lay, 677-1190
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951
Secretary - Martha Fitch, 399-2453

COMMITTEES   (815 area code)
Librarian - Dawn Rozanas—229-8996
Show Co-Chairmen - Gary Curl 
Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Webmaster - Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Membership  - Chuck Drewes, 316-0398
Newsletter Publisher, Gary Johnson 399-1697
Newsletter Editor, Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982
Historian - Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Programs—Bob Matthews 544-2359 & Denny Neubauer 515-508-9524
Petty Cash—Dona Wisner
Christmas Party -
Rosalie Wesley
Picnic -
Tony Devita

Soap Carving –Gary Lundquist

Club Activity Schedule

June 3 - open carving
June 10 - open carving
June 17 - open carving & meeting
June 23 - Club Picnic at Bauman Park In Cherry Valley
June 24 - open carving

July 1    open carving
July 8   open carving
July 15   open carving & meeting
July 22   open carving
July 29   open carving

August 5  open carving
August 12 
open carving
August 15  Blackhawk Carving Show
August 19  open carving & meeting
August 26 
open carving

September 2  open carving
September 9 open carving
September 16 open carving & meeting
September 23  open carving
September 30  open carving

October 7   open carving
October 14  open carving
October 21  open carving & meeting
October 27   open carving

November 4  open carving
November 4  open carving
November 4  open carving & meeting
November 4  open carving

December 2  open carving
December 9 open carving
December 16 open carving & meeting
December 23  open carving
December 30  open carving

Minutes of May 20, 2015

The Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Gary Curl.

Chuck Drewes announced 1 new member, Gordy Back, who had come in but stepped out for a moment.  Dues are now paid by nearly all members.  Martha Fitch read the minutes.  No additions or corrections were given. John Skaggs gave the Treasurer’s report.  Dona Wisner gave her Petty Cash report. Raffle of 2 carvings to be held after the break; tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.


Bob Hallstrom announced the Coulee Region Woodcarver’s Show and Sale to be held on June 20 & 21.  Bob has a copy of the rules and location information; please call him for details.

Dawn Rozanas announced that some older books have been taken out of the Library and are available for anyone who wants them.  Dawn, as Librarian, has worked with Gordy Moscinski to re-organize the library.  Dawn asked that anyone who has taken out a book or video to be sure to sign the card.  If you keep the book/video for longer than 1 month, you need to re-sign the card so everyone will know you still have the item.  At present the library is missing several books.

Martha Fitch reminded everyone that our club’s show is coming up and because this is our show, we need to support it by entering at least one item. 

The Don Stansfield Leaf Relief will be held after Show and Tell.

Today’s Demonstration is by Roger Benedict; “What your tools can do for you.”

A question was raised regarding the date of the Club Picnic.  Tony Devita reported that the Picnic will be held on June 23rd from 3 to 8 pm.  We will be at Bowman Park in Cherry Valley.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around with the types of items to be brought in for the pot-luck dinner, which will begin at about 5pm.  Further information will be given in the next few weeks.

The meeting was dismissed at 9:15.

Frank Lay introduced the Show and Tell items.

Martha Fitch, recording secretary

Hawks and Owls Visit a Club Meeting

        Members in attendance at the May 13th Blackhawk Woodcarvers Club had an opportunity to see several hawks and owls live and right in the room.  There is nothing like seeing and touching the real thing to help a carver capture that thing in wood so a visit from Northern Illinois Raptor Rehabilitation & Education was a welcome chance to really see those birds.  We shared that experience with a group of students from OLSHA who were able to come join us and learn more about the lives and problems of native birds seen often in our neighborhoods and countryside.  The students were awed by the sight, as well as surprised by the bird poop dropped at their feet.

        While the birds themselves were wonderful to see up close, it was also a treat to peruse the items demonstrated on side tables.  Actual feathers, feet and claws, pellets and wing-span boards allowed everyone a chance to touch, examine and compare these bits to ourselves and to the individual birds shown by the handlers.  Owl feathers are incredibly soft with an almost lacy look to the edges; which is why their flight is so quiet.  A recording of the hawk and owl cries was an appreciated experience that explained some of the noises you can hear when outside.

        It was enjoyable to see the differing sizes of the birds, to learn of their value to us and to find out about efforts to protect these beautiful creatures.  We were told that injured birds found and rescued early can be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.  Anyone who sees an injured raptor can call Candy and Steve Ridlbauer at 815-633-9193 to get help.  They also have a website:

 Martha Fitch


Donald R. Magnuson, a long-time club member,  died Friday, April 24, 2015. Our thoughts go out to his family.  He will be missed.

Carving Shows/Classes
Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

June 20 & 21
Coulee Region Woodcarver’s Show and Sale

August 15, 2015 - Rockford, IL
The Blackhawk Wood Carvers will hold its 20th annual carving show at the Tebala Shrine Temple, 7910 Newburg Rd in Rockford, Illinois, 61108. The show is open to the public starting at 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM.

Musky Area Wood Carvers Workshop
August 18-21, 2015 in Boulder Junction Wisconsin
Look on the Blackhawk Carvers Website under Events for a complete list of all the classes and pictures of the project. At

Carving Show August 15,  2015 Update
Gary Curl and Denny Neubauer suggested that we have a meeting about the up coming show to talk about various jobs that we need workers to handle. Also, will need carvings donated for the raffle.

There will be a workers sign up sheet in June - July. Seventy-one entry forms were mailed. Note it cost 71 cents to mail out forms. In mid May club member will get their entry forms. We have already received an entry form from a vendor. Bob Matthews is taking care of the advertising of show. Bob has some great ideas. Our club TV will be used at the show. I will keep everyone up to date vie newsletter. The Show Committee

Elaine Terrell

Monthly Carving Raffle

Marilyn Thorsen, Franklin Johnson’s sister-in-law, and the widow of Tony Thorsen, has most kindly given these carvings to our Club. Tony Thorsen was an enthusiastic wood carver, and through the years he collected fine examples of the art done by other carvers.  Several of these carvings were done by Canadian carvers.  Others in the collection have no proof of origin.

At the monthly meeting raffle tickets will be sold for $1 apiece or 6 for $5.  A great bargain for such wonderful pieces.

Our club was well represented at CLR for their first Art Showcase  on April 29.  Members brought artwork that was completed in a class at CLR  and showed where this knowledge has taken them.  Some of our instructors were there to show their work and to demonstrate what goes on at our club.  Thanks to all for their participation.


Carving Demonstration
I was uncertain of the challenge to show how to use tools—was it attempting to show my stuff or was it checking the 2 X 3 camera screen to tell me where things stood?  As it was, the new electronic equipment was a small step for me and a great step for the carving club----remember the moon walk?  The show and tell about using carving tools along with the thought of “tools of purpose” was presented to make everyone aware that carving tools are purposeful and can make your carving easier.  Regardless of the demonstration with a relief board, the techniques apply to the “rounds.”  It is just a manner of knowing what can be done with a tool that would open a few doors for ease of carving; and provide new enjoyment.  Any handled tool will provide a success story for your carving hobby, hopefully my demonstration added to your existing knowledge and to move into another level of carving.

Keep your tools sharp,  Roger Benedict

Programs by Denny Neubauer & Bob Matthews

We are open to all ideas for presentations after our business meetings each month. The talent of this club is above average compared to many other clubs and I'm sure that any member in our club has something to share that would be beneficial to all of us. If you’re not too bashful and would like to share your knowledge with the club call Denny @ 515-508-9524 or contact me at the meeting. Thanks, Denny

Leaf Relief Challenge pictures by Larry Clark


Top choice winners:  Don Stansfield, John Skaggs, Carol Behning, Frank Lay and Dona Wisner.

   Bob Coleman

                Bunny  Nordheim                                               Carol Behning

                       Chuck Drewes                                            Colin Bystrom

                      Don Stansfield                                            John Skaggs

                          Louis Jurich                                               Martha Fitch

Show and Tell pictures by Larry Clark, comments by Martha Fitch


Bernie Budzynski brought in a dust collector he built to keep down the dust while carving.


 Bob Coleman brought in a carving of an Indian; carved from cherry wood and the hair darkened with vinegar and steel wool.  A second piece is a stylized sea turtle from red cedar.

Bob Matthews brought his completed cameo from the class held by the club, carved from basswood.

Carol Behning brought in a wood burned squirrel from her class at CLR; burned on birch plywood.

Dave Meyer brought in 2 carvings whimsical castles carved in Cottonwood bark.


Chuck Drewes brought in his abstract relief project from the CLR class, carved in basswood.

Frank Lay brought in a walking stick made of oak that he had carved at each end.  The center was burned in a geometric pattern by his son.


Jim Foster brought in a stylized eagle mounted on Osage orange wood and a wood burned copy of Lincoln’s face as it appears on the $5 bill.


Larry Stenzel brought in 2 wood burned projects:  2 elephants walking away and the face of an ostrich, burned on birch plywood.


Martha Fitch brought in 2 wood burned pieces, burned on bark wood.


Wes Englund brought in a relief of a dragon and castle, carved in mahogany.  Wes also brought in 3 carvings done in sweet potatoes.  The potato is peeled, carved, dried and then painted.


Will Rottman brought in his abstract wood carving from the CLR class, carved in basswood.


John Skaggs brought in a stylized moose head mounted on a back-board; he built it for a son-in-law who just put in a bar.


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